Christian Education

Join us for an Inter-generational Monthly Rotation of Christian Education offerings on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall beginning on Rally Sunday, September 7, 2014. ¬†An inter-generational program allows increased interaction between the youth and those that have spent more time in God’s word. The varying perspectives give new and interesting lessons each week.

Monthly Rotation for all Generations

  • 1st Sunday – Book/Bible Study
  • 2nd Sunday – Service Project
  • 3rd Sunday – Breakfast
  • 4th Sunday – Games
  • 5th Sunday – Lutheranism Study

On the first Sunday of the month, we seek to put God first and engage in the study of God’s word.

The second Sunday is dedicated to Service and each month we will highlight, learn and serve one of the ministries of St. Paul; Dorcas Circle, Tender Mercies, NICU, Operation Christmas Child, Item Collection, Valley Interfaith, Coffee Project, etc.

The third Sunday of the month remains our monthly breakfasts where we will gather for food, fellowship, and guided conversations.

On the fourth Sunday of the month, there will be games to play to test our knowledge of faith, scripture, and church.

On the fifth Sunday of the month, we will be led in a discussion on the different aspects of our Lutheran Identity; justification by faith, grace, saints and sinners, priesthood of all believers, etc.

Please join us for this year of Christian Education as we grow in faith!